Hand Carved wooden sign 4 x 2
Gunsmoke room- Inga has hand painted the walls to
look like 1800's wall paper. Curtains are handmade including
The outside of this building was design by
Inga and Austin.
The original reproduction set of Gunsmoke set, which was
donated by the Ojala Family.
Saloon- walls hand painted to look like 1800's old world,
hand caved sign, display cases. This took
Inga about 5 weeks to
complete. The hand caved skull sign is wood and this project has
many details. You can see this at the Dodge House Saloon.
Dodge House Santa Fe - Trails End
-  in front of the Dodge House Hotel. This is 14 foot high
and 100 long. Over 45 deep Rocks are hand made and painted
by Inga and the hand sculpted horse and rider out of wood,
metal and concrete. The Tree Inga has sculptured out of
wood, wire mesh and concrete. She has started to hand paint
the tree, down to the moss details. Austin Swift had build all
the heavy construction of this project
Restaurant- Inga had hand painted the panels to look
like marble. Walls above to look like 1800's wall paper.
designed and made the curtains along with the box valence. They
also are in the process of building display cases for the Arvo
Ojala memorabilia family collection.
Meet Slim Bones
Inga had designed and made
this prop. See the details in
money, dice and special
Inga had hand sculpted the cowboy and horse. These were placed in part of the Sante Fe Trail Project. Along with the wagons and many other props, to show realistic
look of the old west
Dodge House Mural Ribbon
dodge house waterfall
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Supplies Fact Sheet

used 420 60# bags of quickcrete totaling 7 cubic yards of
concrete all literally hand placed.

20 sheets of 1/2 inch plywood

50-8 ft 2X6 inch treated boards

28 rolls of wire mesh, 3 ft X 40 ft

180  1/2 inch X 7 inch lag screws

15.000 1/2 inch by 2 inch staples

4 rolls of 4 ft X 50 ft 6 mil visqueen

270 # of 3 inch nails

17 gallons of concrete stain

or 1000 gals of Water in the rock making process.
Arvo Ojala Western Heritage Museum
This the home of the Arvo Ojala Western Hertiage Museum
located in down town Pendleton, Oregon.
This great old building was built in 1896. At this time it is
under restoration on the front and the inside is being designed
and buit by Inga Ojala. Thank you's to Rick, Doug, Al and
othes for all their help.
Phase 1:
The western movie set and museum
Walk Back In Time…

As you enter the museum you will feel like you are walking
back in time to the 1800’s. Walking through the western
swinging doors you will enter into the saloon which has
display cases of the Arvo Ojala western memorabilia from
when Arvo was working in the many western films going
back to 1951. Many western films that he had worked on
Features: Oregon Trial, Two Gun Lady, Return of Jack Slade,
Eight Iron Men, Flesh and Spur, Outlaws, More Dead Then
Television: Johnny Carson, Jack Paar, To Tell The Truth,
What’s My Line, Hollywood Close Up, Gunsmoke and
Gun Coach and Technical Advisor:
Three Amigo’s, Silverado, Rustler’s Rhapsody, Butch
Cassidy & Sundance Kid, The War Wagon, Chismus, Fire,
Fire Creek, Legend Of The Lone Ranger, Back To The Future
III, Gunsmoke, Maverick, Cheyenne, Sugarfoot, Colt 45,
Laramie, Lawman. See illustration 1a  and 1b
As you go through the saloon you come into the center of the
town. To the right you will find a small building of the
Gunsmoke collection (items on loan from Janet Arness).
There will be a small screen monitor and showing scenes from
Gunsmoke. See illustration 2a  
Throughout the museum and into the art gallery you will find
western memorabilia. Including Tom mix library, western
movie clothing,
As you walk through the western street you look up and see
the hand painted skies. The hand sculpted rocks along the
sides the buildings and buffalo and cattle skulls, and native
plants throughout the town which are lit by old 1800
lanterns. Across from the saloon you will find one of the
three retail stores, this gift store will be filled with small gifts
and handmade crafts including jewelry, t-shirts, note cards,
notepads, accessories and much more. See illustration 3a  
The sheriff’s office has an old looking jail, which you can
walk into and get take a photo in the cell. There will be some
history on the original jails, first sheriff, and other history
facts. Throughout the museum you will find fact of
Hollywood and fact of the true west. Looking to your left is
the old fur trapper store, filled with hand-carved walking
sticks, hand crafted leather goods, hand crafted knife, and
many other items.  See illustration 4a  
The rustic looking floor as you walk through the old western
movie set has a hand-painted Oregon Trial map. This brings
you into the Oregon Trial phase 2 areas.

Phase 2:
The Oregon Trail
This area is designed and handcrafted with Hollywood rocks
to look like the mountains of Oregon. As you look into the
eyes of the two hand-carved horses that are rearing up and
pulling a wagon that is racing out to the canyon. Push the
button to hear the horses and the riders as they rush through
the canyon and you can see the posse in the hand-painted
murals which are throughout phase 2. See illustration 4b  
The hand-carved cowboys and real mounted wildlife that you
will find throughout phase 2. Off to the right of the trail you
will be able to walk into the old mine and see what it would
be like as the miners would be under the earth. See illustration
5a, 5b.
Push of a button you can hear the miners chip away at the
As you walk on the Oregon Trail you can see the faux hand-
painted wagon trail ruts. Looking up on the rocks and murals,
you can see the wildlife throughout. See illustration 6a, 6b.
Look at the hand carved cowboys and Native Americans.

Phase 3:
Art Gallery
As you walk into the next room, you will enter into the art
gallery. To the home décor area is located to the left, which
you will find a rustic room loaded with rustic furniture and
art. The art gallery is open and with lots of art from local
artist. Art classes will be held in this room along with special
events: art receptions, meetings, historical, corporate,
business, corporate parties, wine tastings, ect.  See
illustration 6a, 6b.
Inga had made the rocks
from recycled materials and
mortar. Then added real
branches, sage and had
painted the faux rocks to
look real. The Old wood is
from barns and buildings in
the area. Skulls are from
Dodge City to areas of
Oregon and California.
Crested Butte Mural
This mural that Inga is working on is a gift
to the Children that visit
This is to help educate the children in
understanding the actual size of a Black
Bear and other animals that habitat in the
Crested Butte, Colorado area.

With the request of her daughter
Sammantha and her educated background
in animal husbandry
Contact info: Inga Ojala Studios
(503) 577-6891
email: ojala.inga@gmail.com