La Salsa Man Restoration Project
American Giants just
got back from an
awesome weekend in
Dodge City Kansas to
cover the Dennis
Hopper Muffler men at
the 3I event held at the
new expo center. We
were invited to come
out by the Carnegie
Center for the Arts who
have recently received
the Dennis Hopper
Muffler Men from the
Dennis Hopper Art
Trust in California.
Travel is nothing new
for the Dennis Hopper
M Men and they aren’t
done yet! They were
cast in 2000 and since
then at least one of
them has traveled the
world. They were both
cast from a muffler
man in LA named Tony
who is one of the rare
bow tie versions. They
were each made to
resemble popular LA
muffler men, the La
Salsa man made by
Bob Wade in Malibu
and the Mobile muffler
man that appeared in
life magazine back in
the day. After being
cast it is believed that
the only time Mobile
man was publicly
shown (other then this
venue) was in June of
2010 just shortly after
the death of Dennis
Hopper. The La Salsa
Man however was no
rookie to public display
and was first displayed
in Amsterdam in 2001
and then Paris,
Vienna, Melbourne
and even rumored to
have been on display
in St Petersburg
Russia at one point.
You can tell one has
traveled more then the
other, the La Salsa
Man has it’s share of
scuffs and scratches
while the Mobile Man is
brand new and in
almost perfect
Step by step photos of project
restoration being to end
Inga Ojala was hired to come to
Dodge City to do the restoration work
on this great price of art. She try to
keep the original look that Dennis
had done. A new plate Inga made to
Damaged was
done due to the
weather in Dodge
City. Now the
piece looks great.
Inga can be hired for other restoration work on other art pieces
: paintings , sculptures and more