My name is Inga Ojala and I am on another adventure in helping
people. This project that I am working on is hand-painted kayaks.

You can email me for a
QUOTE to get your own hand-painted kayak.
Any type of fish....

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I specializes in paintings of wildlife and fish, and
western art. When I am out fishing and study the
outdoors, this helps me to put the realism into my
paintings. When I am snorkeling I am able to study the
natural feel of the water and the fish’s natural
environment and I put that into the paintings and I will
sometimes add different mediums, such as sand and
grass to the canvas and even one of my hand-tied flies  
to the artwork.
I enjoy also working with many different materials, from
leather to wood to scrimshaw. I have been teaching art to
students for over 30 years now. Ages kindergarten to
Senior Citizens. I have no training in the Arts. I feel this is a
God given gift. I feel it is important for me to give back by
teaching art and
helping others heal with the arts.
I hand paint each of the kayaks to look like a real fish. The
fish in the photos here on this page are of the very first
kayak. This German Brown has gone to Timothy Lake near
MT Hood, Oregon. Also, Prineville reservoir. So many
people stop and are amazed how it looks.
German Brown Trout
10 foot
My Mission: Healing with the Arts
Inga Ojala
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Inga Ojala