Inga Ojala
The Great Northwest provides an amazing habitat for Fish and Wildlife.  Inga Ojala
spends her time researching the habitat they live in.  She says that “this enables her
to apply more realism in her work”.  She utilizes a mixed medium to give her art
more depth and effect.  Her paintings are not only beautiful but are environmentally
correct for the Northwest.  Her work is priced so any one can afford to enjoy it in
their home or office.   Whether you are a serious art consumer or you would
simply like to enjoy a print of her work. She makes it easy to become an owner.  
Go to her website and select a painting that you would enjoy and order a print or
one printed on canvas even some originals are still available; many sizes are available
as well.  Inga Ojala specializes in paintings of Fish & Wildlife but also enjoys
painting murals in homes and for other special purposes.   While Inga is adventuring
in the outdoors she is always working to improve her art. Inga's best friends above
photo. Aurora is in Heaven 01//2017. I was blessed to have such a dear sweet
friend. Cassiopeia is 3 years old. She will carry on the Adventures with Inga in the
About the Artist
Left: Aurora (Peace in Heaven 2017- Right
Aurora's daughter - Cassiopeia