A successful Artist from a family of Hollywood
heavyweights, Inga Ojala has always simply considered
herself an Artist and Teacher.
"Inga specializes in paintings of wildlife and fish, and
western art, although she has the ability to paint, draw,
carve to sculpt just about anything my clients request.
When Inga is out fishing and in the outdoors, to put the
realism into her paintings. When she is snorkeling she
studies the natural feel of the water and the fish’s
natural environment and puts that into the painting. She
paints in many different mediums and add materials
such as sand and grass to the canvas and will sometimes
add one of her hand tied one-of-a-kind flies or lures to
the artwork. It adds a certain realism to the canvas and
makes her paintings stand out.  "When she is teaching,
she shows the students that there are many different
ways to make their art jump out at the viewer and bring
them in to the painting, drawing, or sculpture, so to
speak. Incorporating these unique and different
techniques, their work becomes more life-like and
"With her carvings, she works in many different
materials and add things from the earth to give them a
natural feel. She also works with many different
materials, from leather to wood to scrimshaw.

Daughter of the legendary Hollywood gunslinger/holster
innovator/gun safety and gun coach Arvo Ojala and
actress/model/figure skater Doris Naga Seversen, Ms.
Ojala was born in Seattle, Washington and is of Finnish
and Norwegian descent. Whether it's creating one-of-a-
kind murals or displaying her skills at faux finishing,
Ms. Ojala admits her greatest love is Art - and her outlet.
For those who do not know, Ms. Ojala's father, Arvo, is
a world-renowned gunslinger, working with such
luminaries as Paul Newman, James Garner, James
Arness, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, Kevin Costner,
Sharon Stone, Michael J. Fox, and Mari Blanchard (to
name only a few of those he trained in the art of
gunslinging). But perhaps he is most famous for his
work in front of as well as behind the scenes of one of
the greatest television Westerns, Gunsmoke. Mr. Ojala is
the man who challenges Marshall Dillon in the opening
sequence of each
episode. His filmography, much too lengthy to mention
here, includes all of
Hollywood's A-List celebrities, including Ronald
Reagan as well.
Ms. Ojala is also a horse trainer, expert marksman. She
has also worked on films as a stunt coordinator and even
performed some of the stunts herself. She's also pretty
handy with a bull whip, from when she was a stunt gal
on ‘No Mans Land'. In all, Ms. Ojala has been in
countless films – including parts in 'The Wild Life', 'The
Man with Two Brains', 'Protocol' and 'Fast Times at
Ridgemont High' - and numerous television programs,
such as 'Love Boat' and 'Fantasy Island', just to name a
About the Artist